Tuesday, November 27, 2012

tattoo stuff

Rattpissin In The Wind


kz 440 update

"Re-using FatBob Tanks"
So i had the tanks layin around the shop for a while and figured id put em to use.

i cut the ends off, trimmed em down, put em back togeather and now its a fender-mounted taail-piece.
ive since fabricated mounts and battery box.......ill post the pics next time.
now im usind the remains to make mome mini split tanks. bot sides are cut out and awaiting sides and bottoms. gonna look pretty sharp i think. 
 thanks for lookin hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Follow me on Instagram!!!!!!

Spent a coulpe days with my brother/fellow tattooer and he finnaly got me on instagram.
so check it out! not much content yet, but im sure it wont take long.
thanks for lookin.
instagram username: texbubba   (bubba ward)
Rattpiss Life!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

kz 440 "project racer"

I picked up this sadly neglected atempt of a chopper off my neighbors porch. he needed to move and i always need a project so we shook hands to trade it for a new tattoo.
After getting it home and doing some looking i realized the neck #s and motor #s didnt match. The title uses the neck #s so ill be using the neck for registration purposes. Problem is the front end on the neck is bent and seems to be from some unknown enduro type bike. So, im gonna keep the front wheel setup and try my skills at fabricating a girder front end to fit my application..........
We'll see>>>

 Heres a picture of bubba lookin cool. you can really get an idea of what a turd of a bike this was from this view. Last time well see it like that!
And heres the previuos "rake job" comlpete with poorly welded fork stops.
 After whittleing away the extra metal and bondo, i got what i was lookin for.
 The only peices of the original chassis i will be using.
 After cutting away the rest of the frame, i cut and welded in theese slugs, made from and old axle i had layin around.

 Heres my fancy rake protractor, and the new neck and backbone all tacked up.

 Homemade pipe notcher and the butt view of the ned back bone.
Since this picture i have fabbed up the rear shock mounts and will post an update soon
Thanks for lookin and please, if you like leave me some feedback.

Monday, July 16, 2012

When Im Not Workin....

Some of my recent outdoor excursions.
Helps keep me sane, and a chance to slow down sometimes.

heres my first day out spearing with my homemade hawian sling

Michaeys stringer, caught on rod n reel in the blanco. And another days spearin

Pedernales river, Dripping Springs, hiking to Hammilton pool

Little Bub exploring, Huaco Springs.           Breakfast n Coffee, hiking Enchanted Rock

Me and my brother Per went spearing agian

Me n Michaey at the top of Enchanted Rock, Fredricksburg

 Havin a Blast!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

JDs First Tattoo

JDs my apprentice up here at Bubbas Family Tattoo Parlour. Been keepin him busy drawing, tracing stencils, cleaning, sterilizing, setting up/breakin down.....you name it, hes doin it.  And doin a good job.

Heres some of his drawings from this week.

So, I figured it was about time to let him give it a shot. His practice definatley paid off! those were the cleanest lines ive ever seen a first-timer pull. Good job dude.