Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Beaumonts....

Was awesome! We went out to Rileys friday...had a badass time.! Shots at showdown and things got fuzzy. Long story short.....i resheduled the whole next day of tattooin. Good times!

Fuckin JD.....

Yellowstore San Marcos

Little sign i did awhile back

Bubba jr

My boy at his last soccer game. Proud of his medal.

Graduation tattoo

Did this fun little guy on a friend, Austin. Hes bout to graduate college and was wanting something new. So it only seemed right to pull out this oldie.


The front of the shop, my sportster, and a good friend and client, Desi Rankin. Shootin some photos for the horse bc.

Did this one a few weeks ago. Gonna put an eagle on his shoulder this weekend.