Saturday, April 21, 2012

Same Shit Another Day

Just some of the recent happs up at the shop........ heres JD learning how to properly shave pubes
Pers pubes to be exact. Theyre having a little too much fun if you ask me! 

some of jds recent drawlings.
A sweet lil tribal banger i busted out the other day. i had alot of fun....
who knows maybe ill do some more tribal here n there.......bringin it back!

RPO flash sheet #3......

Fun walkin the other night......her first tattoo. on the thigh.
still gotta purple the clouds n drop shadow em.

did theese two on a really cool dude about a week apart.
 helmet, inner bicep. and grenade, back of the elbow.

Been workin this lower backpiece on my buddy Wes. three sessions in

we went for a ride afterwards and drank some beers.
musta been ridin pretty hard. in the morning i noticed the afteraffects of riding a rigid mounted 4speed at hi speeds.
broke my damn licenceplate. now its just rattles around back there.